Amber Sunset

Amber Sunset has been a professional body piercer in the industry for a decade, making her Kelowna’s most experienced body piercer.

Amber is available for consultations, jewelry changes, play piercings and scarification.

Dubbed the Piercing Butterfly Ninja, Amber’s moto is “I do what I love, I love what I do: Piercings”.


She has dedicated thousands of hours of research to the art of modification and has performed thousands of piercings, such as body, surface and genital piercing as well as surface anchors.

Her passion and interest in body modification was ignited at a young through documentaries on tribal societies and surgical procedures.

Amber knows that taking a knowledgeable, sympathetic and calm approach o modification is key to customer satisfaction. All clients deserve to have a sterile and positive experience whether they are a child getting their first piercing or a veteran of body modification.

She feels honored to assist individuals in their personal journeys via the modern primitive movements of modification, whether in their personal rites of passage, artistic expression, bonding, ownership/acceptance of their body, personal satisfaction or for health reasons.